Saturday, January 29, 2011

Q Pop Shop Opening

I went with Andrew, Silver, and my brother and sister. Long story short, we saw a few friends and stayed for only an hour because my siblings were cold and didn't bring jackets. There were lots of lolz, though. :D We saw Dania, Ashley, and Andrea and had plenty of fun. Pictures are provided.

Ashley shaved her head *gasps*

Del spinning! :D

Dania, the cutie! <3 <3 <3

Yays, Andrea! <3

Andrew and Amber!

I have no idea wtf this thing is, but it's cute. 8D

Me and Dania! She's cute! *O*

Dood....Ashley so did that face expression on purpose. 8D

Silver and Andrew!

Silver's a pervert...and Amber just stared, hahahaha!

I saw Leslie, yays!

Andrea and XD

We kept laughing our asses off when we saw her groceries. It was just so random of her, lololololz!

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