Monday, October 18, 2010

My absolute dream Lolita dress: Masquerade Theater

It's a big dream for me since I can't really afford to get one right now, but I would be very happy to own one of these. :3 Phantom of the Opera....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Supreme Team (Profiles, Discography, Collabs, etc.)

Simon D[ominic] (사이먼 도미닉)
Real Name: Jeong Kiseok (easy spelling: Jung Kisuk) (정기석)
Birthdate: March 9th, 1984
Birthplace: Busan (South Korea)

E-Sens (이센스)
Real Name: Kang Minho (강민호)
Birthdate: February 9th, 1987
Birthplace: Daegu (South Korea)

The name Supreme Team may sound cocky to some, but it somehow aptly describes these two extremely talented musicians. The duo is comprised of Simon D, a captivating rapper and husky-voiced vocalist, and E-Sens, nicknamed Korea’s Eminem with his witty and biting lyrics. The combination of these two explosive talents has created Supreme Team, which has dominated the underground music scene in Hongdae bars and clubs. Their first album hopes to incorporate not only the manic fans of underground hip hop, but also the general public into their musical world.

Mini Album: Supreme Team Guide to Excellent Adventure (July 14th, 2009)
01. Put It On (Feat. Beatbox DG)
02. Supermagic
03. 나만 모르게 (Feat. T)
04. 부적응: 3 MC part 4.5 (Feat. 도끼)
05. Drive
06. 아리따움 (Feat. Dynamic Duo)
07. Do
08. 훌리건 (Hooligan's Anthem) (Feat. DJ Pumkin)

Album: Supremier (March 18th, 2010)
01. Intro : 시작 전
02. M.U.S.I.C (feat. 최자)
03. 그 때 (feat. Brian)
04. Respect My Money [Clean Version]
05. Darling (feat. JC a.k.a 지은)
06. Step Up
07. Where U At? (Simon D Solo)
08. Where To Go? (E-Sens Solo)
09. 피곤해 (feat. 김신영)
10. Skit : 바보들
11. 시노비 (feat. Tablo) [Clean Version]
12. 너 하나면 돼 (feat. 개코)
13. Interlude : Seoul Scape
14. 데려가 (feat. Beenzino)

Single: Spin Off (Repackage) (June 3rd, 2010)
01 Respect My Money (Dirty Ver.)
02 시노비 [Shinobi] (Feat. Tablo, DJ Pumkin) [Dirty Version]
03 땡땡땡 [Dang Dang Dang]
04 뭐!? [What!?] (Feat. Yankie, DJ Pumkin)
05 Super Lady (Feat. Bumkey Of 2WINS)
06 Step Up (Simo Remix) (Bonus Track)

Basick [Foundation Vol.2] (July 1st, 2008')
7. 자신있는 도박 (feat. Supreme Team)

4. 이한놈 (feat. Simon Dominic, BEATBOX DG & DJ Qna)
8. 방법s**t (3MC PT4) (feat. Supreme Team) (prod. by Dok2)

Rhymebus [Rebuild-1/4] (June 16th, 2008')
1. Dangerous (feat. Supreme Team, Dok2)

Swings [#1] (August 12th, 2008')
24. 추파춥스 (feat. Simon Dominic)

Dynamic Duo [Last Days : 최후의 날] (August 20th, 2008')
5. Trust me (Feat. Supreme Team)

뉴올 (Nuoliunce) [The Mission] (December 15th, 2008')
05. I won't give up (Feat. Jinbo, Simon Dominic, Dok2)

DOK2 [Imma Shine] (December 31st, 2008')
05. 방법 s**t (3MC part 4) (Feat. Supreme Team)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


U-KISS Seven Color Photoshoot! Very old, but I wanted my own personal page where I could just stare at such breath-taking photos. None of these photos belong to me and they belong to their rightful owners. I only posted these photos up to share with everyone! *O*

The end! Thank you for looking, and please support U-KISS! ^O^

Monday, September 13, 2010

Manga reading!

I finished reading the last recent volumes of Zombie Loan at Barnes & Noble today. I also finished reading Lucky Star, vol. 5 and Yu-Gi-Oh!: Millenium World, vol. 5. I saw that there was another series of Yu-Gi-Oh! called "R", so I'm going to start reading that on Wednesday. I continued reading xxHolic at vol. 14, but had to stop halfway because I had to pick up my brother and sister from their school. It felt good spending half my day just reading manga and drinking shitty iced coffee; very peaceful and relaxing. Except when I kept snorting with laughter sometimes while reading Zombie Loan; random scenes in that manga always make me laugh at every volume! How ladylike. X3

There were too many obvious otakus in the manga section, unfortunately, and they were just too loud. :X They always seem to be whenever I go in a manga section of a bookstore. Usually when I read a book or manga, I get so lost into it I don't react much to what happens outside nor do I look up at noises...usually. With Narutards yelling "OMG SO THAT AND THIS HAPPENED IN HERE AND RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!", I would jerk and look up with annoyance. >____>;; I wonder if it's because of my hatred for stupid otakus that I always have to react to their rudeness and no one else...I should work on that. Yeah. But I still love manga and I'm still an otaku at heart...just not an obvious one. ^O^;; I hope.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Intro + Lolita Meet up!

First post! Just to follow some people. :3 Or maybe not.

Well, I don't really post much because I'm too lazy to do that. Please add me on Live Journal, Facebook, and MySpace instead. All right, I'll admit it, I'm barely on Myspace anymore, and I hardly post on LJ but use it to post on egl and buy from the comm sales, lolz....and keeping updated on J-rock news! I'm always on FB and MSN, though. Please let me know who you are though, 'cause I'm tired of changing my MSN to get away from people. XD;;

Hm. Well. I was at Lolita meet up on Saturday at the Santa Monica pier, and it was amazing fun! *O* I got to see so many lovely Lolitas, and so many prints! Oli said it was fine to arrive in casual, and assuming that it was super hot and that other Lolitas would come in casual as well, I wore on offbrand purple gingham halter JSK without a blouse (gasps). I regretted it very much as almost everyone arrived in brand, plus was punished by the Lolita gods with horrible sunburn on my shoulders, back, chest, and cheeks. XD;; Next meet up, I will for sure wear something more appropriate! I got lazy, I suppose...

Some of the Lolitas there were so gorgeous and breath-taking that I was too shy to talk to them myself. XD;; Even during introduction I hid behind a Lolita when everyone had their eyes on me when it was my turn to introduce myself, lmao! Normally I have no problem introducing myself to people, but I get so shy and tongue-tied when it comes to good-looking and beautiful people. I hadn't felt so ugly since the time I ran into a hot Asian guy at work who asked me where Advil was. XD;; I seriously wished I had worn something much better and appropriate that time, but it WAS hot in my defense! But...tbh, even if I wore my best Lolita clothing, I still would've felt very ugly next to some of the Lolitas there, ho ho ho! Some of them looked like DOLLS, literally! That's the image I try to go for when wearing Lolita, so I was really jealous of some of the lovely people there. ^_^

 I took a lot of photos, and ahhh, it was good to make some new Lolita friends! :3 I will post them up later though, I'm too lazy right now. X3

Good night! <3