Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tune in Tokyo's "Year of the Rabbit Lolita Tea Party"

tune in tokyo decided to host a tea party at Royal/T and especially for Lolitas. Theme was rabbit. I went with Sami, her bf, Matt, and Michaelsan. I saw a lot of people and talked around with them. It was fun.

Me, Mr. Toast, and Sami! <3

Bunny Pockets Twins! <3

Me and Matsu! She was wearing Puppet Circus! *O*

I dunno the name of the girl on the left, but her outfit was really cool! :D

This cutie was wearing Milky-Chan, and she was really nice. ^w^

Me and Mandie~! Her outfits are always so amazing!

Marissa in Wonder Cookie! She's so cute! *O*
 Julie! Her outfits are also always so cute!

Mandie and her cape 'cause she's a magician! X3

Oli in Happy Garden. I loved her headpieces, they were so cool!

Amanda and Sami! So cute! X3

Charleet! She's finally wearing Lolita and she looked so cute in it! <3

Me, Venus, and Sami. What Venus is wearing is actually from BTSSB! *O*

Angela and me! She came with her bf.

Royal/T's delicious....if only I hadn't worn that corset overskirt...DX

Our food at the table including sweet potato fries and this tuna salad Marissa ordered.

My budding rose tea! You get to see the flower "bloom" while it steeps, and it was delicious! The scent was amazing, too.

Matsu, Charms, Maiyu, and me! Guh, I looked terrible. =3=;;

I had no idea who this girl in green is, but she was so cool and she was wearing an h.NAOTO FRILL JSK.

Cute couple! I just noticed the guy's tummy was showing. XD;; But I did sort of asked them for a photo when they were sitting. DX The Lolita's coord was amazing, and originally I didn't like the print of the dress she's wearing, but her coord made me love it!

Nicole in one of my dream AatP dresses! She's so cool as always!

Candid shot of Sami, Oli, and Greg.

Charleet and Tommy dancing.

Me and Greg, hahaha!

Last group shot by one of Royal/T's staff members.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sad paper bag

lolz I was forced to wear a paper bag over my head at work in front of everyone because apparently my face scared the customers (according to Joey D8<). Sarah had drawn on the paper bag, and Billy cut the holes in the bag so that I could breathe. XD I think everyone's day at work wearing this thing.

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