Saturday, January 29, 2011

Q Pop Shop Opening

I went with Andrew, Silver, and my brother and sister. Long story short, we saw a few friends and stayed for only an hour because my siblings were cold and didn't bring jackets. There were lots of lolz, though. :D We saw Dania, Ashley, and Andrea and had plenty of fun. Pictures are provided.

Ashley shaved her head *gasps*

Del spinning! :D

Dania, the cutie! <3 <3 <3

Yays, Andrea! <3

Andrew and Amber!

I have no idea wtf this thing is, but it's cute. 8D

Me and Dania! She's cute! *O*

Dood....Ashley so did that face expression on purpose. 8D

Silver and Andrew!

Silver's a pervert...and Amber just stared, hahahaha!

I saw Leslie, yays!

Andrea and XD

We kept laughing our asses off when we saw her groceries. It was just so random of her, lololololz!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

After New Year's Lolita Meet Up 1-22-2011

Eeeks, a Lolita meet up hosted by the lovely Oli at Griffith Park! There were over 50 Lolitas in total at the meet up, with mostly Sweet Lolitas, a handful of Classic Lolitas, and a few Gothic Lolitas. I went with Sami and her bf. They're so cute together, hehehe. <3

I saw Leslie and Trina and their friends, and we got a pic together!

lolz I was trying to sneak a pic of Trina, but I also somehow managed to get Leslie's butt in the pic, too. Trina is laughing because of that. 8D

Mandie is so cute! I loved her glasses and coord! <3

Ashley and me! She looked so amazing as always, and of course I had to get a pic with her!

Cyn and San, eeks! I knew Cyn was coming since San told me before the meet, but I was so amazed at Cyn's outfit. She freaking looked hot, omg.

Sea of Black. This is Ashley's photo, and it looked so much better than the one I had of three of us. Gothic Lolitas unite! X3

Stephanie, her bf, and a friend talking amongst each other. :3

Lolitas eating food lovingly made/bought from other Lolitas. <3

Leslie feeding me one of Courtney's deviled eggs. Yummy! Plus I was kinda lazy to feed myself, lolz. XD;;

Claudia took a pic of me eating Leslie's arroz con leche (omg delicious *O*). XD It was the only whole, clear shot of me with my bat bag and parasol.

Parasols out 'cause it was hot for us Goths. X3

Oli the lovely hostess! She looked so cute in her Paris Windows print. :3

Getting ready to play games....yes....

Amber and me making derpy face expressions. Especially my GTO face.

Our whole group shot...over 50 ^O^

Stephanie and me! She's always so cute every time I see her. Q_Q I'm so jealous, haha!

The trio of David, Amanda, and Alex! These three always look good no matter what they wear. I swear, they could be models! O:

A photo of me and Tani and Valentine (the lizard). Photo is bigger but shrunk for to fit this page. We match so well! <3

Last picture of the day! Rob carried Sami 'cause she didn't think she could walk up the hill. So cute! <3
I had so much fun at this meet up, and I had actually taken a lot of photos, but no way am I posting all of them up here. They can be seen on my facebook photo albums. :3

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Level Up 80+

I spent my whole Tuesday (a day off from work and adventure) playing Disgaea and leveling up Laharl and his vassals. Yup.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Personal Taste and Fried Rice

So I had a very sleepy shift of 6AM-3PM today at work. My eyes felt swollen and I felt so drained of energy. However, I had also planned to hang out with some people at the Wills' house after work. Of course I went home first to wash off the work smelly before meeting up with friends.

When I got there, I talked with Stacia and Tahil. There was one point where three of us caught Chris and James together so Tahil had taken a picture, and James and Chris would chase him for his camera. Me and Stacia joined in on Tahil's side, where it ended up with me, Stacia, James, and Chris on the stairs grabbing for the camera. We were really loud so James' mom came out and saw that James' shorts had fallen down and it looked especially bad when there were people on top of him. XD;; eheheheheh....I hope we didn't get him in too much trouble since his mom asked him to come upstairs for a "talk."

But I guess everything is all right now? XD;; Since we ended up watching Personal Taste later.

I watched Personal Taste with Tahil, Stacia, and James in James' bedroom. We were relaxing on his bed and several times we would beat each other up when someone was being inappropriate (*coughsJames*coughs). 8D Sal and Chris and Joseph were at the Wills' house, too, but playing games instead. They would occasionally walk into the bedroom to check on us (? *shrugs*). James was such a perv; he had a sweater on but left it unzipped; he had no shirt underneath so you could see his whole bare torso. We tried to zip it for him 'cause it was making Stacia uncomfortable, but James would smack us whenever we did try. Then he kept teasing poor Tahil like telling him to sit between his legs or snuggle with him, lmfao! XD So gay.

We stopped at episode 10 and everyone left the room. I stayed behind to lay on the bed on my side for awhile. Eh, I don't remember how long as I actually did sort of doze off 'cause I was really tired, and watching a drama on a computer screen in the dark for a few hours didn't exactly help. The awkward part comes in with James coming back in the bedroom and lays down next to me. And of course everyone else had to walk in a few minutes later and catching us like that. XD;; Freaking Tahil closes the door, too! Then James makes it more awkward (will not say how he did), and when they opened the door again it got even worse! =3=;; lmfao I laughed it off like it was a joke, but freaking Sal was being a total pervert and saying all these random things. Tahil is the opposite; he scolded James and was like, "What if your mother walked in on you two like that and not us?" blah blah blah blah blah

Then James demanded that Sal make fried rice because he was hungry. I had to leave soon because of my stupid curfew, but it was a very long day and I was really tired, anyways. Plus Pokey managed to make another FB account, that loser, hahahahahahahahaha! XD

Thursday, January 13, 2011

ALA Anime LA 2011

I had so much fun last weekend at ALA! ^_^ I went to Day 2 and drove to the con with Silver. I was dressed in Sweet Lolita (pinkXwhite, old-school coord style) and she was in a punk outfit borrowing my h.NAOTO skirt, heart necklace, Forever 21 silver tights, and SEX POT ReVeNGe scarf. The con was at LAX, which was an hour's drive from my house.

Before our trip I had woken late because the alarm on my cell phone never rang, so I was in a rush that morning. I went over to Silver's house to get my make up done and to get dressed. She wasn't originally planning to go with me in case she had to go to a job interview, but they never called her so she decided to tag along with me. We drop off medicine for Dad (her bf) at his work even though we didn't see him there, picked up some food at In 'N' Out as I figured there might be traffic and we could pass the time by eating yummy food. There was also traffic in the drive-through, but the food was so fucking worth it.

Traffic wasn't so bad since I kind of actually prayed for it so I could gobble down. 8D We got to the hotel with no problem, but we had to find parking as the Marriot's parking lot was really full. We found that wasn't too far from the hotel, and even within walking distance even though Silver wanted to take a shuttle bus (we found one but he said he wasn't going to Marriot hotel).

We walked around a bit, not really sure what to do. We saw lots of cosplayers but I didn't see anyone I knew just yet while we were inside the hotel. Me and Silver go outside where there was Cosplay Gathering, and got a couple photos taken by a random passing photographer.

We just stood around not really sure what to do. We watched cosplayers acting silly and posing for photos, even taking photos for ourselves. Then we decided to walk back into the hotel as I think Silver was feeling cold (look at how she's dressed, no surprise there, lolz). We walked past people on the side and I glanced at a guy playing a guitar while seated...then walked back and was like, "Fuga!" We talked for a bit, then Matt comes along, too. I bummed a cigarette from Fuga as we all talked.

We ran out of things to talk about, so I asked Fuga if he knew where to get the badges. He took us to the hall that had the badge registration, but I ended up changing my mind getting a badge after asking around if it was worth getting a badge. I had asked Joey and her friends, and they said the money wasn't worth it.

So it was just me, Silver, Matt, Ann, and Fuga hanging around a table while Fuga played his guitar. I dunno when it started, but me and Silver started calling Fuga "fuckah" and he called "bitches" but in a playful way. XD;; Silver helped Fuga set up his guitar and he would cover random songs.

Meh, we just hung around the table and watched people walk by. Fuga got a lot of fanboys...more than fangirls. O_O lmao I wish I had thought of taking pictures, but I didn't for some reason. Here's a pic of our tiny group:

I saw this super cool Predator cosplayer, so I definitely had to take picture with him, so I asked Silver to take it for me! 8D

I also caught sight of a really cute little girl cosplaying Dorothy from Wizard of Oz (this is my assumption because of her red glittery shoes). I have a better photo, but this one was just fucking hilarious with the way she murderously stared at me in this one:

She was really adorable even though she kept asking and telling me random things, like what I was dressed as, why was I wearing tall shoes, that she was 4 years old, that she liked chewing gum, etc. I kept trying to walk away but I couldn't get away for awhile.
She asked what kind of shoes I was wearing. I told her they were called platforms. She asked why I was wearing them. I told her I was wearing them because they made me look taller. She asked why I was pretending to be tall. *facepalm* She freaking caught me, dood, for cereal.....^_^;;

Silver had switched outfits with a random maid. I was kind of really hesitant about it since I was worried about my h.NAOTO skirt being worn by someone else, but I was obligated to give my consent. :/ At least Silver looks cute in a maid outfit, but I was kind of annoyed with the clothes swap either way. I hope it doesn't happen again with my other clothes since I'm already wary of even lending friends my expensive clothes. I guess I shouldn't be making such a big deal since Silver says she's planning to buy the skirt off me in the first place, but she hasn't bought it,'s still mine. Didn't help she kept letting my SPR scarf fall to the ground several times (including me having to remind her) yeah...w/e

Me and Leslie! She's so cute, heheheh. X3

Mei and Fuga seated outside the karaoke room away from terrible singers. Me and Andrew were seated inside the room. We were all waiting for Fuga's and Silver's turns to sing karaoke, but there were like 24 people ahead of them in line and we were so freaking bored. *shrugs*

Maids and hosts~~

Me, Silver, Andrew, Fuga, and Mei decided to go eat at "Dinny's". Silver took this pic of Fuga crossing his eyes, lolz. Pretty much a fun Day 2 at ALA. :3 Aside from Silver getting me lost several times but that's all in the past. XD

On to Day 3. Andrew picked me and Silver up from her house so that we could split parking costs (he didn't care for gas costs). He and I dressed more casually that day (I didn't put pics of him in this entry 'cause he doesn't like having photos of himself up :X). Silver borrowed my red plaid Mar Jour JSK and SPR scarf/tie. Andrew's car was so cute on the side, decorated with cute plushies and such.

Silver half-asleep in the backseat on his plushies, lolz.

 Amber and Charlotte were having a photoshoot and I grabbed a photo.

 Fuga taking a nap with his fake ears on. Yes, they're his.

 Took a photo with cute Amber! <3

 Sam shooting imaginary bullets with his tripod, lolz.

Our crazy car ride with Andrew on the way back to the con from Little Tokyo. It was quite interesting, to say the least. XD
After Andrew dropped off me and Silver home, we went to go pick up Dad (her bf) from work and drop him off home so he wouldn't have to walk so far. That car ride was also interesting....never sitting shotgun in a car with him driving ever again, yup. ^_^
Fun day! I hope for more adventures like that weekend again! <3